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AU where Kurt and Blaine meet at Burt’s tire shop

Glee AU: 1930s - Kurt and Blaine spend the summer of ‘39 in Cornwall, England. They have been best friends since school, but on a day out sailing, everything changes with a kiss. Little do they know that come September, everything will change once again.


something beautiful (by thelostcandy)


Kurt/Blaine - At The Beginning

Not sure what happened with the size. Please tell me know you know how to fix it!
Idea from here. First fan video.

AU: Klaine as Faberry


Ship it. It’s precious and Blaine holds onto him like he’ll stop being able to breathe if he lets go or like it physically burns his fingers not to be grabbing at Kurt or like basically he’s just terrified that Kurt isn’t even real sometimes and ugh.